Adults with Bronchiectasis at Higher Risk of Depression and Anxiety, Study Shows

Like many chronic lung disease patients, those with non cystic bronchiectasis, are also at a higher risk of depression and anxiety, according to recent research. The study, “Factors related to depression and anxiety in adults with bronchiectasis,” is published in the journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. As a chronic disease, bronchiectasis affects a person’s ability to exercise and can make daily living

Bronchiectasis Awareness

Bronchiectasis Awareness poster If you could help us raise awareness of Bronchiectasis by downloading the Bronchiectasis Awareness poster and posting in surgeries and clinics. We can get the message out to look for the symptoms of Bronchiectasis. Many of our community are failing to be diagnosed and misdiagnosed with another respiratory condition.

Ken’s Story

My name is Ken and I have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, after years of chest problems. Ever since I was a child, I struggled with chest problems, including whooping cough and measles etc, and my mother told me, that a doctor had said that I had a smokers cough at the age of 4, but