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Michael David Duff Age 11

Michael was born at 24 weeks 5days gestational age weighing 650g {1lb7oz} he was put on a ventilator to help with his breathing he was fed via a nasal gastric tube he has lots of lines inserted into his veins. Michael spent 6 weeks on the ventilator then was strong enough to be put on a cpap breathing machine but as he was still so tiny it was a case of back to the ventilator then back to the cpap machine when he was stable enough on the cpap machine the nurses tried Michael on nasal cannula 02 and he did amazing. Finally Michael was allowed to come home in July 2005 but on home oxygen and he was awaiting his appointment for Alder hey hospital to have surgery on his heart. On 29/08/2005 Michael finally had his Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) surgery and was starting to be weaned off his oxygen finally the day came on 11/02/2006 he was oxygen free and was doing very well considering how premature he was. In April 2006 Michael started to get recurrent chest infections and was being admitted to hospital on a regular basis he required antibiotics, nebulizers and steroids but on 30/12/2006 Michael was admitted to stoke PICU { pediatric intensive care unit} and diagnosed with Pneumonia, left lower lobe consolidation and Viral Encephalopathy Michael was sedated by the doctors and they once again ventilated him and took over his breathing after many weeks he was allowed to come home but I started to notice that the milestones he had learnt before this illness has all gone so he had to start talking etc. again. Michael was still getting recurrent chest infections he was tested for CF and that test was negative but in 2009 he had a chest CT scan and was diagnosed with right lower lobe Bronchiectasis and left middle lobe Bronchiectasis. Michael was put on medication to prevent infections but he still got infections. On 17/5/2011 Michael had another CT scan and was diagnosed with lung fibrosis in both of his lungs and was put on lots more medication and it was time to start having IV antibiotics for 14 days every 3 months but due to Michael not having very good veins each time was a traumatic experience for him long lines were unsuccessful also cannula’s and they resorted to intramuscular injections but enough was enough finally on 13/3/2013 he had a porta Cath fitted and his IV’s were administered via that. Michael tries not to let his health get the better of him he like to try and push himself to far he requires seretide 125 twice a day atrovent inhaler 3 times a day salbutamol 8 puffs every 4 hours and when breathless montelukast tablet daily theophylline twice daily omeprazole, ranitidine, azithromycin 3 times a week melatonin tablets 3 before bed every night. In 2016 he was diagnosed with reactive airways by his consultant lung specialist and 9/5/2016 we got the call to say his monthly sputum sample was sent to the lab and has grown Aspergillus Fumigtus and is now awaiting blood tests and chest x-rays for this. Michael is a fun loving happy and bubbly 11 year old and tries not to let his health issues get the better of him.

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