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“I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis at the age of 17 in 2011, after persistent chest infections and poorly treated pneumonia in 2008. I’ve always had asthma, and been on inhalers for it, but the decline in my health made it apparent that something else was wrong. Being diagnosed with a life-long condition at the age of 17, and being admitted into hospital during the second year of my A Levels, was really difficult for me. I watched all of my friends having a great time going out and meeting new people, but I was too poorly to do the same. As a result, my mood suffered and I felt withdrawn from people my own age, sometimes avoiding social events on purpose. I have since been referred to Papworth Hospital, where the level of care and detail is exceptional. They created a treatment plan for me, including antibiotics to take everyday to prevent infections, and the addition of new inhalers. Since being treated at Papworth, I am lucky that my condition has not deteriorated and I have remained stable (with infections here and there). Without their help, I believe I would have been in a much worse state and I am forever grateful for the help they have given. Despite having bronchiectasis diagnosed at a young age, I have not let it stop me. In 2013 (the same year as being admitted to hospital), I obtained A*AA in my A Levels, and have since been studying at the University of Nottingham, reading Economics, where I am due to graduate in July this year. I believe part of my determination to do well and achieve is a result of bronchiectasis. I want to prove that it will not beat me, and will not dictate my life. I’m only 21 and have so much more to achieve; bronchiectasis will not prevent me from doing that”

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