Mike’s Story

Hi, I think you might be interested in my story. I'm 55 living in Fort Nelson British Columbia Canada . Last October the 6th I suffered a ruptured pulmonary artery and was evacuated by air ambulance to Vancouver for treatment at Vancouver General hospital. I've been diagnosed with bronchiectasis since 2010. I had a pulmonary

Ken’s Story

My name is Ken and I have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, after years of chest problems. Ever since I was a child, I struggled with chest problems, including whooping cough and measles etc, and my mother told me, that a doctor had said that I had a smokers cough at the age of 4, but

Michael’s story

Michael David Duff Age 11 Michael was born at 24 weeks 5days gestational age weighing 650g {1lb7oz} he was put on a ventilator to help with his breathing he was fed via a nasal gastric tube he has lots of lines inserted into his veins. Michael spent 6 weeks on the ventilator then was strong

Danielle’s story

My story, Danielle Hudson When I was 18 months old I had a chest infection that turned to double pneumonia and I was in an oxygen tent for 4 days. The antibiotics I was given at this time, tetracycline, left my teeth discoloured. I was in hospital for a year, which was fairly typical for

Natalie’s story

Natalie Williams 38 Years Old I have always been healthy and fit doing regular exercise and eating healthy. I have mild asthma which has always been controlled. 18 months ago I took really ill and was diagnosed with a windpipe infection. After recovering from the infection I seemed to have a continuous cough. I then

Charlotte’s story

"I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis at the age of 17 in 2011, after persistent chest infections and poorly treated pneumonia in 2008. I've always had asthma, and been on inhalers for it, but the decline in my health made it apparent that something else was wrong. Being diagnosed with a life-long condition at the age

Chris’s story

My name is Chris I have had bronchiectasis since I was 3 (now about to turn 27) With my bronchiectasis i produce a lot of sputum anything up to 1/2-1 pint a day. I try to keep fit and play sports and have kept reasonably well. until last year I had never been in hospital.

Sophie’s story

Hi my name is Sophie I am 12 years old, I have had bronchectasis for 9 year i was diganosed when i was 3 years old. I go to hospital a lot and have iv antibiotics every 3 months,which my mummy gives me at home. I have lots of teddys and when i first got